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At ‘Mog & Bird’ we offer high quality machine embroidery service, which is especially popular choice between employers and business owners who are looking for professional look for their brand image.
You should consider choosing embroidery as your uniform or accessory decoration method, if you are looking for smart way to represent and merchandise your company, project or event.
It is the preferred method of customization when creating professional looking, high quality and long-lasting uniforms or promotional merchandise to amplify a corporate identity.
You may ask, what is the difference between embroidery and other printing techniques?
In embroidery process your logo or design will be reproduced by stitching threads directly into print media by creating a textured or raised effect.
But before actual stitching your design has to be redrawn into an embroidery machine-readable format – program. This is flat, one-off set-up cost which do not vary by design size or several colours used in your design. For your knowledge, we are able to embroider a design with up to 6 colours. Each colour component of your design is stitched separately, one colour after the other, until your logo is completely created.
While garments that are customized with embroidery are ideal for a number of occasions and purposes, we would recommend for a larger designs or lightweight print media to choose a screen printing method, which will serve the purpose better and at a lesser cost to you than embroidery.
The maximum embroidery size area is 400 mm x 180 mm and the cost of embroidery gets calculated by count of stitches that creates entirely design.
The most popular choice of our customers for their embroidered clothing are polo shirts, business shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts. Please get in touch to discuss your needs, and we will supply garments for you, if necessary.
We guarantee that our high-quality embroidery service will be able to precisely replicate your logo or design on to whichever clothing you choose, and it will last for years to come!


Embroidery is a top quality apparel decoration method, where end result is designed to stand constant laundering even on high temperatures and colours that won’t vanish away.
Thanks to the durable threads that have used to stitch your design, we partially can guarantee that it will last longer that the majority of the garments available in a market.


Custom embroidered apparel is a great way to get your business’ name to stand out. It’s one of the greatest and most effective way how to represent your brand or project.
Fact that all your employees are wearing the same embroidered clothing brings the message that they all are part of one team and that they need to work together.


Design looks elegant and professional when embroidery done accurately. Be assured that end results will be consistent from first garment to countless others.
If your brand or business requires smart look work uniforms, school uniforms or team shirts with embroidered design, we are here to provide that for you.
Carefully done embroidery design produces a good impression and will drag people attention to your brand.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is known as the oldest printing method. Its history goes back as far as 4th century in India or even to ancient Egypt in 3000 BC.

And it’s still one of the most popular choice of clothing printing method in these days, because it does create more vigorous colouring than is possible to achieve with digital printing.

Screen printing also know as serigraph printing, it is a stencil-based printing process in which by pushing squeegee an ink is pressed through a synthetic polyester mesh onto print media underneath.

Afterwards each layer of  ink has to be heat cured to bound it with the fabric and would not wash out.
Screen printing technique allow only one colour to be applied at the time and a different screen must be created for each colour. Due to this fact, this printing method best works for larger runs and it’s not so cost effective for small batch projects.

At ‘Mog and Bird’ each garment is manually hand printed on preferable natural fabrics, like 100% cotton.

We supply a great choice of organic cotton  t-shirts, sweats and tote bags.


Bright Designs

Screen printing produces crisp and vibrant colours as ink lies on top of the fabric. Even on darken garment white colour will look bright white.

There are a lot of different types of special effect inks available, such as: high-density inks, glow in the dark inks, puff inks, suede inks, vintage effect, metallic inks that will create your design to stand out even more.

Cost Effective for Bigger Orders

Due to fact that each colour from the design requires separate screen to be made, it can come costly if design is in more than 1-2 colours. These are called – set up costs (preparing the design; making screens), which is one-off costs, but once that is completed the printing process is quick, and we can print up to 200 garments per hour.
Set up costs does not change by order quantity, so we would recommend choosing this printing technique for larger projects, where for small orders we offer Vinyl Cad cut printing technique.

Good and Long Lasting Quality

Because of the thick inks, screen prints is well known to keep their vitality for almost of a lifetime of garment itself.
Well cured design can withstand multiply wash cycles. To keep the screen printed design sharp and bright coloured – please bare in mind that garments have to be washed inside out, preferebly in low temperature wash cycle program only and avoid to dry your garment in a dryer. Please iron the screen-printed garment inside out and between two pieces of cloth to protect the design.

CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

CAD Cut Vinyl printing service (also known as Vinyl Cut printing) is an affordable and streamlined way that eliminates the fuss, frenzy and fury of alternative printing methods.

We believe strongly in using only PU (polyurethane) vinyl film, not only is it environmentally sustainable, but also harmless to infants and young children as it is PVC free.

The CAD Cut process (CAD standing here for Computer Aided Design) involves cutting material into the desired graphic using a plotter and revealing the design by pealing away unwanted vinyl by hand (process called weeding), before it is applied using an industrial heat press on to the garment itself.

The CAD in question refers to the computerised input to help fine-tune this procedure and to ensure that print will look exactly the same on every single garment as on computer screen.

Layering the vinyl can result in neat textures and patterns. The right vinyl can make all the difference, which is why we put full focus on the finer details of the process that can really make or break the print of your branded clothing.


Quick and requires little in the way of set up. We recognise that customers value their time, and so do we. That’s why this service is best suited for a swift outcome, no one wants their time wasted and especially not if it also results in a lackluster final product.


The final output is also sturdier than other alternatives. With this printing technique, the print remains firmly heat sealed on to fabric enabling a full and clear display.

When you’re putting your brand out to the public eye, you want your product to remain as close to the state at the beginning of it’s lifespan as possible. We guarantee that the print will last the lifetime of the garment, if you follow to the given care instructions.

Unique Finishes

Vinyl cut printing enables a variety of finishes to give your design an extra outstanding effect. Be it glitter, glow in the dark, reflective, flock or metallic finish, it process of printing the same way as other vinyl films.

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