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Embroidery is a top quality clothing printing method, where branded clothing have professional look, end result is high quality and long-lasting. Ideal choice for merchandise clothing to amplify identity .

Screen Printing

Screen printing is known as the oldest printing method and it’s still one of the most popular choice to personalised tshirts in these days, because it does create more vigorous colouring than is not possible to achieve with digital printing.

Vinyl Cut Printing

Vinyl Cut printing is an affordable and streamlined way that eliminates the fuss, frenzy and fury of alternative printing methods.  The print remains firmly heat sealed on to fabric enabling a full and clear display.

We have a wide range of PVC free vinyl films which are safe for infants and young children.

Who We are


At MOG & BIRD, we specialise in Embroidery, Screen Printing and CAD Cut Vinyl clothing printing to a durable, high quality, rich definition and sourced to an environmentally sustainable standard where possible.

We aim to help play a role in bringing an efficient and effective methods of clothing printing to the forefront of our industry. We believe in holding the door open for a diverse range of clients, and in helping and assisting businesses of all kinds, especially start-ups. Many industries, be it engineers, bartenders, plumbers, barbers, fitness coaches, need a communicative and well-printed apparel. We also aim to help contribute to community events, be it charity do’s, festivals, performances. We believe it’s important to find a place in a community and to help it in whatever way we can.

‘If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life’

This quote was once attributed to an ‘old timer’ by a philosophy professor at Princeton to a class of spry and eager students.

We may never know who this ‘old timer’ was, and the quote itself has also been attributed to a wealthy sea of other names from wise-old chin-stroking Confucius to salsa legend Marc Anthony. No matter who said it first, at MOG & BIRD we believe in it’s resolve with full commitment. Keen to try our hand in the historical battlefield of epigrams and witticisms, we live by a similar slogan, one of our own making: ‘Live . Love . Print’

As a young couple on 2010 we started to explore the wider possibilities of Europe in search of experience, adventure and purpose.

What we found was the beautiful, prospective and fertile pastures of the United Kingdom. When we entered into the printing business, little did we know how much it would teach us not just about printing, but about living a fulfilling and enriching life. The quality of products from regional printing companies had let us down time and time again. A change was needed, and we decided to take initiative.

We created printing company that print well, print efficiently and print effectively, while also treating our customers in accordance with our own personal values of integrity, fairness, respect and reliability.

Our Inspiration to Creation

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

- Marc Anthony

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