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We specialize in producing high-quality branded clothing and digital prints for all size businesses, especially start-ups, at an affordable price.

If you are looking for embroiderer, screen printer or digital printer then look no farther! We are excited to offer our services to you!

Just think of this! Branded clothing has been shown to be an extremely effective means of establishing trust and credibility between your business and your customers. In fact, a study by the University of Hertfordshire found that "83% of customers would be more likely to buy from a company if it were wearing a branded garment."

Would you be interested in hearing more about how we can help? Please get in touch and we will be happy to provide a free individually tailored quote for you.

"MOG & BIRD" will boost your brand recognition and save money without cutting corners on quality!

Individually tailored quotes

Every customer, their needs and budget are different. We are here to spend an extra time for each one of you. Everything starts with you - the customer!

Premium quality

We are passionate to provide premium quality printing and embroidery services.
We are treating our customers in accordance with our own personal values of integrity, fairness and reliability.


As a small business our customers means everything to us. If you have any questions or queries about our printing or embroidery services we are here to answer them all.

What we can do for YOU

We provide qualitative garment embroidery and printing for a diverse range of clients: trade, schools, corporative, clothing brands, sports teams and more.
We work closely with UK biggest whole-sellers, so we are able to supply garments for majority of events, branding and merchandising.


We offer high quality machine embroidery service, which is popular choice for businesses which are looking for smart and professional look for their brand image. We are able to embroider almost any design with up to 15 colors that will create first and every impression unforgettable.

First of all your design has to be turned into embroidery machine understandable language, which is called - digitization. The cost of design digitization gets calculated by count of stitches that creates entirely design. That is one-off cost.
Embroidery service price is calculated by design size, placement on garment and garment quantity ordered.
Please contact us for your free individually tailored quote today.


Vinyl printing are affordable printing method and used for small to medium size orders. Ideal for simple, one color designs. It's quick and without set-up printing method. We only use PU (polyurethane) vinyl films, not only is it environmentally sustainable, but also harmless to infants and young children as it is PVC free.
To decorate garments with full color or multi colour designs we use heat transfers. There is no minimum order quantity for this garment decoration method.


Digital inkjet printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image file directly to a variety of media.
We specialize to print on digital printing self-adhesive vinyl using Eco-Solvent inks to print full colour and vibrant designs.
Will it be Vinyl Graphic or Sticker Printing - we cover that all!
Please get in touch with us to discuss options how to bring your idea into reality.


Screen printing is a stencil-based printing process in which by pushing squeegee an ink is pressed through a synthetic polyester mesh onto print media underneath. At ‘Mog and Bird’ each garment is manually hand printed on preferable natural fabrics, like 100% cotton. Well cured design can withstand multiply wash cycles. This printing method is more cost-effective for bigger runs.

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We are friendly couple, that are not afraid to take on new challenges.




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What our cLIENTS Say?

"Wonderful operation. Attention to detail, highly communicative, affable, and they go the extra mile (often literally). If you need corporate merchandise – you're found the right people in Mog & Bird."
Kirk J. Torrance (SpyCurtains)
"Simply excellent! Nora at Mog & Bird was so helpful and is full of knowledge when it comes to choosing the right garment/s. I would highly recommend, the quality is second to none"
Mitch boulton (MK2Mitch)
"Mog and Bird exceeded my expectations in every way. Their quick response and ongoing communication was excellent as was the advise on the best printing method. My sons’s artwork on the t shirt was fabulous and a great surprise gift. A truly personal service from Nora which was much appreciated. Highly recommended and will definitely use again!"
Kate Longyear-Blake
We have been very happy with Mog and Bird. Nora has been helpful and communication has been brilliant. All print work has been excellent. We will look forward to any future business together.
"I was looking for some matching t shirts to celebrate the arrival of my 3rd child.
Everywhere I looked they were overpriced and didn't look very value for money. I asked Mog & Bird for help and what I got was the perfect service value for money and quality 👌 They went out of their way to help make a special event less of a hassle. Thank you so much. Will be using again and recommending to everyone!"
chad chappell

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If you have any questions or queries about our printing or embroidery services we are here to answer them all.

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